Provides new answers to the how come of happenings in our lives

About Rochele Hc Hirsch, M.S.

Discovering the patterns in "what is going on" and developing systems to improve effectiveness have been focal points throughout Rochele Hirsch’s life.

With a background in physics, operations research, telecommunications, information systems, marketing and sales, and organization effectiveness, Hirsch began in 1981 to investigate the patterns of personal effectiveness that make or break success.

What she has discovered and tested in her own living laboratory may well change the way people understand and use the power of intention.

Hirsch has 30+ years of experience in the business world, including 15 years with a major telecommunications corporation, and over 15 years as a business owner and consultant, both in the U.S. and Southeast Asia. She is CEO and founder of CommExpress Int'l, Inc., a communications and consulting company in business since 1987.

Her interest in emotions and personal transformation began during her corporate career. As a consultant, Hirsch regularly came across situations that were loaded with frustration. Much of the distress was blamed either on the corporate political “games” or on interpersonal conflict that impeded good decision-making. She searched for solutions to the question “With so many ways to create effective organizations, why don’t people use them?”

She found the answers.  And the answers lie in the understanding that each individual is trying to do the best they can … yet each person is running preconscious “survival tactics” that were hardwired in place before they were even 13 years old. Especially when someone is under stress, these “survival tactics” are likely to be running the show – and often lead to self-sabotaging behaviors that affect not only the individual, but the whole organization. The results show up in reward and attention systems that focus on the financial-power game and fire-fighting. What is lost in the power game is a more balanced approach to long term effectiveness and loyalty for the customers, the employees, the community - AND the shareholders.

Hirsch’s Theory of How Come resulted from applying systems analysis tools to the processes of automatic reaction patterns and the potential for transformation. The HC React Codes™ are the building blocks for our auto-pilot reactions to life-stimuli.

In 2006, Hirsch extended the Theory into the “how come” of disease and other conditions. She developed the concept that combinations of HC React Codes form “Signatures,” - the potential -- for specific diseases or conditions. Given sufficient stress, the Signatures may manifest into physical disease.

Currently, her research includes Signatures for Diabetes Type II, HIV/AIDS, Breast Cancer, Autism and Obesity, Individual sequences of HC React Codes are found to be at the root of Addictions, Overweight and other conditions.

Hirsch's educational background includes:

  • B.S. in Physics, Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia
  • M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Tech
  • Certified as a Senior Organization Effectiveness Consultant, AT&T OE Group
  • Certified as a Personality and Color Analyst, Suzanne Caygill’s Academy of Color
  • Certified in several Personality and Communication Profiles, including Kahler Communication Model and Social Styles, plus intuitive skills using the Enneagram.

Her 25+ years of research and experience in the area of emotions and personal transformation includes STAR, a 3-week intensive she attended in 1987; numerous Holotropic Breathwork and other conscious-breathing workshops; meditation practice since 1988 (teacher is June d’Estelle, Ph.D.); 7-years in personal and group therapy; alternative health focus since 1978, workshops, books and articles by thought leaders including Stan Grof, Denny Johnson, Thomas Verny, David Chamberlain, Barbara Findeisen, Allan Schore, Lazaris, Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert, John Lee, Eckhart Tolle, Robert Jackall, Daniel Goleman, Lawrence LeShan, Bernie Siegel, Lydia Temoshok and Henry Dreher, Valerie Hunt, Wayne Dyer, Deepok Chopra, Debbie Ford and many more.

Hirsch is the author of several e-books and papers:

Relationship Chemistry: Understanding the Unspoken (Print & Kindle - 2013)

True Energy, True Love and Right Relationship (e-book, 2007)

Love the Noun vs. Love the Verb (e-book - 2005)

The Anger Flow Chart (PDF - 2005).

The Theory of How Come (website and accompanying white papers - beginning 1999)

Websites include:,, and

She is a member and Past President ( 2005 - 2006 ) of the Atlanta Women's Network ( AWN ), where she chaired and produced their 25th Anniversary Celebration (2004) and their first Business and Trade Mission (2006). She is a past director of Northside Kiwanis (Atlanta). She is a member of the Association for Pre and Perintal Psycology and Health(APPPAH) where shehas presented her Theory of How Come at the 2010 and 2012 Congresses.

A native of Virginia, she currently resides in Atlanta.