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Additional areas to be addressed

For best effect, issues felt by the Father of an Autistic Child should also be transformed.

Current Status of Research

In November, 2006, two (2) Signatures for Autism were developed. While the child carries one of the Signatures, the father is determined to also be a part of the whole pattern that needs to be addressed.

The key to working with autistic children, Hirsch believes, will be to “meet them” where they are, in Theta-brainwave level, develop a relationship there, and invite them to come back into the “here and now.”

Hirsch feels that the “set-up” for an autistic child involves two separate and significant “emotional hurts,” one while in-utero, and the other sometime before they are two years old. After the second “hurt,” the child’s conscious mind opts out … and instead of moving into Alpha, it escapes into Theta. The child then operates almost like “a chicken with his head cut off.” The body remains in subconscious-level reactive mode while the conscious mind is out in “a garden of its own.”

Current therapies which are proving useful, though very intensive, involve staying constantly attentive to the child, pulling him into the here-and-now.

On December 3, 2007, research was reported on what is called the “Fever Effect.” It shows that autistic children with a fever (over 100) sometimes “come out” and start talking and behaving normally.  Later, they generally return to the autistic characteristics. The significance, however, is that we can see that there really is a person there, with normal skills.

Hirsch’s theories would suggest that the fever-condition would in some way bring the child back into the Alpha level where his conscious mind could communicate more normally with those around him.

In December, 2007, Hirsch will be working with a group of long-term meditators in the Seattle area who are proficient in attaining the Theta State of meditation. Her hypothesis is that by working with the child at the Theta level, that the “hurts” and other stuck emotion that the child carries can be resolved. Also, by developing a relationship with the child at that level, it will be possible to “invite” him to “come out and play” at the Alpha brainwave level, the normal state for children over 2 years old.

She has developed a 7-stage program for working with an autistic child. Also, it will be very useful to work with the father to transform related issues.

The next step will be to gain support for running a Trial of these theories.

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Date of Transformation Work


1 - Dylan


In process

Life Experience matched with predictions of HC React Codes – TBD with Dylan, but the predicted reaction patterns matched for his Father

Only the first stage of the 7-stage program was undertaken. In January, when Hirsch is back in Singapore, the next levels of interaction will take place.

Changes in Physical Experience

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Changes in Emotional Experience

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Life Experience matched with predictions of HC React Codes –

Changes in Physical Experience

Changes in Emotional Experience