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Breast Cancer

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Current Status of Research

Since developing the Signatures, Hirsch has been intuitively scanning a number of people and providing them with feedback on the Signature. Consistently she finds strong agreement with the person and their friends that the Signature is accurate in describing their life experience.

Hirsch selected Breast Cancer as the first disease to be trialed with the Signatures and the Conscious Transformation process.  The Trial of these theories was announced on October 24, 2006, in Atlanta.

The Trial was designed to use interviews, intuitive scanning and the Transformation Process to demonstrate the following with the participants:

  • That the scan for a Signature can be made.
  • That the characteristics and themes for the particular Signature are consistent with the participant’s life experience.
  • That the Signature can be successfully transformed.
  • That the timeframe for transforming the Signature is 1 to 3 hours.
  • That the participant will notice changes in her reactions to life events that are positive and consistent with the transformation work, and
  • In the long term, the hope is that the participant will experience no recurrence of Breast Cancer.

Scheduling for each participant was as follows:

  1. Data Gathering on personal history and HC React Codes  – 2 hours or less
  2. Data developed for Transformation Process – 2 hours or less
  3. Transformation Process –  3 hours or less
  4. Transformation Process Follow-up – 1 hour
  5. 1st Results Follow-up – 1.5 hours
  6. 2nd Results Follow-up – 1 hour

The first participant, CG, was interviewed on 31 October 2006 and further on 3 Nov 2006. Her transformation session was conducted on 20 Nov 2006. There was strong consistency between her life experience and what the Signature would have predicted.

The second participant, BB, was interviewed on 15 Jan 2007. The intuitive scan did not find strong consistency with either of the three Signatures (though some elements were there). The sequence of HC React Codes that “fit” her situation was developed, and the codes were transformed. However, this experience led Hirsch to believe that beyond the 3 Signatures, there may also be some individualized circumstances that must be explored.

Because she realized that the outcomes of the transformation of Breast Cancer Signatures would be difficult to assess, she turned her attention to Diabetes Type II and HIV, where quantifiable measurements after transformation would be more readily available.




Date of Transformation Work


1 – CG


20 Nov 06

Life Experience matched with predictions of HC React Codes – Yes

Breast cancer was diagnosed in May, 2006 with needle biopsy:
DCIS Stage 0, less than 2 mm
Lumpectomy performed twice.
Radiation for 6 weeks
Declared “recovered” on 29 Aug 2006

Changes in Physical Experience

  • No particular change

Changes in Emotional Experience

  • Became less enmeshed in “the drama” with her brother who is mentally ill. Found it much easier to disengage.
  • Less bothered by concerns about her work / insurance situation.
  • Marriage remains good.


2 – BB

Didn’t have a clear Signature for Breast Cancer

24 Jan 07

Life Experience matched with predictions of HC React Codes – Did not consistently match with any of the 3 Signatures. So, I developed the HC React Code sequence associated with her particular incidence of cancer.

These reaction patterns were consistent with her experience of being diagnosed with cancer and having the mastectomy – especially if it turns out to have been an unnecessary surgery.

Her Experience with Breast Cancer was:

  • Lump found, diagnosed as cancerous 3/19/02
  • Lumpectory performed, plus they took additional tissue around the lump
  • In the peripheral tissue they found a nodule which was deemed suspicious and  “independent” of the lump. She was advised that a mastectomy would help her avoid chemo / radiation. She agreed to go forward.
  • Mastectomy was performed, including 23 lymph nodes removed. Breast tissue was examined, but no cancer was detected.
  • In reviewing the medical notes about the lump, the …..

Changes in Physical Experience

  • TBD

Changes in Emotional Experience

  • TBD