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Crystal Meth

Number of Signatures

Must determine where the person is being “successful” in having an addiction. This will provide the HC React Code information that can be used for transformation.

Additional areas to be cleared

Intent to Clear the Addiction
Intent to heal from the impact of the Addiction

Others – TBD

Current Status of Research

The first client I worked with on the HIV Infection Signatures had also been a Crystal Meth addict for 7 years, and had used needles daily for the past 3 years.  An unexpected but welcome outcome of the transformation work on the HIV Signature he carried was that he dropped his craving for the Crystal.

In August 2006, I had also been surprised when I dropped my craving for chocolate. I had been working to clear my intent to be fully hydrated, fully nourished, and was transforming five HC React Codes in the process. The craving has not returned.

It is a strange and almost incomprehensible experience to suddenly lose a long-term craving. How does this happen? The transformation process causes Survival Tactics to drop away once the Emotional Solder is melted off and the Hardwired Underlying Belief is changed. Many times I have found that Survival Tactic behavior operates as a substance addiction – a craving. When it is gone, it is gone – and it is a curious feeling.

The conscious mind remembers that the substance created good feelings, and sometimes will choose to try it again. My experience with chocolate is that I can enjoy the chocolate, and eat a smaller amount. The “high” is not so high … and the craving does not start again.

With the Crystal, there is more of a detox effect than for chocolate, so a person will need additional support and information during that time. Further, there is the issue of “sobering up” one’s relationship with life, moving into a different lifestyle from what was familiar before. Some of this happens naturally, but some has to come through conscious choice.

If you are around people who eat a lot of chocolate … it is sometimes inviting to go ahead and partake, to be a part of the group … even when the craving is not driving you. However, if you are socializing with people who aren’t heavy into chocolate, then the social aspect of it doesn’t cause you to say “oh what the heck.” The same applies to drug use.

If you are used to substituting drugs for taking responsibility for your life, there is the challenge of “building new muscle” to take care of yourself in more healthy ways, and in being more responsible in meeting commitments.

If drugs are being used to combat fatigue, then learning about “normal tiredness” and how to rest is important.

We are planning to run a Trial on Crystal Meth addiction for HIV-positive participants in early 2008.

For further information, or to participate in the Trial, please contact us.



Date of Transformation Work


1 – CT

Part of his HIV Signature


Life Experience matched with predictions of HC React Codes – Yes

Changes in Physical Experience

  • Craving for Crystal Meth dropped.
  • Almost immediately after the transformation session, he stopped using.
  • During the first four months, he used no Crystal.
  • More recently, occasional use through smoking has returned. Stressors during this time include several deaths of friends (including his father), frustration about money. The excuse for smoking: the crystal is to combat tiredness.

Changes in Emotional Experience

  • No longer feels like an outcast
  • Recognizes the problems in being around people who are “cracked out”
  • Socializing with old friends in the drug community has caused both disdain of those who are “cracked out” and remembering the high feeling on Crystal.
  • Has developed a much stronger sense of being respectful of others.