Provides new answers to the how come of happenings in our lives


Signatures are specific combinations of HC React Codes which Hirsch believes are at the root of why a person is susceptible to a particular disease.

She proposes that the HC React Codes of the Signature set up reaction patterns -- and thus vibrational frequencies of the energetic body -- that are consistent with specific diseases or conditions.

Her hypothesis is that:

  • If a person is carrying a Signature, it may or may not lead to the disease, depending on the level of long-term stress or severe trauma the person experiences

  • If a person is not carrying the Signature, Hirsch believes he is probably not susceptible to that disease

When a person is found to have a particular Signature, he has several options:

  1. Reduce stress and increase “auxiliary energy” with a healthy lifestyle (exercise, nutrition, avoiding toxins, feeling grateful, etc.) and energy-enhancing therapies (massage, color, light, neuro-emotional techniques, acupuncture, etc.)

  2. Manage severe symptoms through standard medical practices and procedures

  3. Transform the HC React Codes of the Signature and clear the Intent for Healing

Mind-body research is providing more and more evidence of how stress and emotional trauma precipitate disease, and how healing is possible through mind-body techniques.

What Hirsch adds to the field of mind-body research is her system for identifying specific imprints related to the disease or condition, and the method for facilitating transformation of these imprints.

Decoding How Come

The HC React Code™ system Hirsch developed enables her to quickly decode what is happening for a person, and how it relates to their instinctive reaction patterns.

Her premise is that we are all being “successful” in having the hardwired beliefs of the HC React Codes “come true” over and over again in our lives, supported by how we automatically react to life stimuli.

While our conscious mind may be able to interrupt the reaction and choose a different response, we still must cope with these instinctive reaction patterns. And when we’re under stress, the conscious mind may not stop the reaction, but just let it go. Coping takes energy!

Many addictions can be explained by the automatic reaction patterns of the HC React Codes.

By transforming the specific HC React Codes, the person frees himself of the instinctive, automatic reaction patterns, and begins to experience life differently.

To decode a situation, Hirsch develops the information for each element of the HC React Code.

First she detects whether a person is being successful at (a) running a Hardwired Underlying Belief, (b) running a Survival Tactic, or (c) having an outcome of a Survival Tactic. Then she determines the stuck emotion that is holding the system together, the Survival Tactic to avoid the emotion, and the Belief that seems to be coming true.

Once she has decoded the “success pattern” and the sequence of codes that must be cleared, the process of Conscious Transformation can begin.

Clear Intent

This theory also recognizes the primacy of CLEAR INTENT in creating what we say we want.

The issue we all face is that intent can be clear in our thinking, i.e., in our conscious mind, but it may be blocked or impeded by HC React Codes in the Filter System.

The goal of Conscious Transformation is to CLEAR the person’s INTENT all the way through the Filter System. This includes intent to be free of disease.

The concept of Signatures began in 2006 …

In April, 2006, on a flight to Seattle, Hirsch was thinking through the relationship between her HC React Code system and the issue of Bird Flu. That started her thinking about the Bubonic Plague … and why some people died and others did not die.

Realizing that the Survival Tactic (ST) in the codes generally goes either compliant or rebelling, and that compliant ST behavior is what makes it so hard to change a group’s culture, she started realizing that compliant ST behavior may also cause a person to “die” to be “compliant” with the significant people or culture around them.

People who had more rebellious ST behavior, or who were compliant with others who were rebellious, might very well be the ones who didn’t get sick, or who survived the plague.

Hirsch’s Theory proposes that the body, including its genetic structure, is impacted by the HC React Code information carried in the Filter System. The codes originated before birth, during birth and early childhood. Before Birth includes generational, past life and in-utero imprints.

This Theory is consistent with the concepts of Epigenetics, where past emotional and environmental conditions show up in genetic predispositions.

Cellular biologists Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of Biology of Belief, and Candace Pert, Ph.D., author of Molecules of Emotion and Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d, provide further information about how our thinking/feeling reactions are manifested in physical changes at the cellular-level.

From Hirsch’s thinking about Survival Tactic (ST) compliance in the case of dying, the concept of Signatures for specific disease came into focus.

Signatures are specific combinations of HC React Codes.

She realized that the way a person reacts to life circumstances could be predicted by the information in the HC React Codes of the Signature they carry.

Thus began her work on developing the Signatures for a number of diseases and, or course, her desire to test these theories.

Multiple Signatures for Diseases

Hirsch has found that there are usually multiple Signatures for different diseases: for Breast Cancer she has found three (3) Signatures, for HIV Infection, two (2) Signatures, for Diabetes Type II, five (5) Signatures, and for Obesity, four (4) Signatures. Overweight conditions, she finds, have to be decoded on an individual basis.

In addition to clearing the Signature she believes that additional HC React Codes related to Intent for Healing must also be cleared. These additional conditions must be developed for each individual.

Scanning for a Signature

Being an intuitive, Hirsch can energetically scan a person for the Signatures. In talking with individuals and their friends, the accuracy of her scan, as revealed in their attitudes and experiences about life, seems uncanny to them.

We have found that transformation of the HC React Codes in a Signature produces subtle to dramatic changes in a person’s experience of and reaction to life. This includes cravings being dropped (chocolate and crystal meth) to feeling “less bothered” by things.

Healing of physical disease based on the transformation is yet to be conclusively determined. However, anecdotal evidence is showing up.

Certainly we know that reduced stress, which is a major outcome of transformation, supports improvement in health.


Stress is the feeling of "not enough flowing, good-feeling life energy."

Five primary causes of stress are:

  1. Thinking / Feeling reaction patterns that "crunch" the flow of life energy
  2. Environmental Toxins and allergic reactions
  3. Poor nutrition and hydration
  4. Over-exertion with insufficient rest
  5. Too much heat or cold

The Particular Disease Is Not “Your Fault”

One important note: the Theory of How Come in no way says that a disease is caused by or is due to how a person thinks. There is no fault involved. Fault implies that a person has CHOSEN to think in a certain way.

Instead, we believe that the spontaneous, instinctual reaction patterns one experiences can provide evidence of what diseases a person may be susceptible to, like characteristics of your eye can provide evidence, or the lines in your hand. These attributes are not controlled by your conscious thoughts. They are part of your innate being as determined by your Filter System.

We do believe, however, that the likelihood of Signatures manifesting physically as disease depends on the level of STRESS in one's life.

Managing and alleviating stress, then, is the major opportunity for avoiding or diminishing disease of any kind. And we CAN consciously support our health by choosing to shift from “stress feelings” to “good feelings,” by moving emotion safely (rather than stuffing it), and by following healthy diets for our metabolic type, exercising regularly, and avoiding toxic conditions in our environment and in our foods (allergies / pesticides / junk food / etc.).

Initial Trials

For the different disease categories currently under investigation you will find information on this website about the number of Signatures developed plus comments on the work with various clients.

Diabetes Type II Trial in Singapore

In August, 2007, a trial on the Signatures for Diabetes Type II was launched with seven people. Initial results of this Trial will be released in February, 2008.

Already several of the participants have reported being “less bothered” by life issues and having more energy. One participant lowered his medication requirements within 2 months.

Crystal Meth Trial in Atlanta

In late January, 2008, we expect to launch the next mini-trial in Atlanta on addiction to Crystal Meth. We are working with a major AIDS support organization to carry out this trial. For further information, or to participate, please contact us directly

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Current Research


For individuals with other diseases and conditions, Hirsch has also decoded sequences of HC React Codes for them and provided support for transformation. However, the set of Signatures has not yet been fully developed for those diseases.


Transformation –
How Does It Happen?

Spontaneous Transformation experiences can occur at any point in a person’s life. It is more likely to happen when a person is in an intensely emotional situation that they can’t control. The Emotion overwhelms the Survival Tactics of the HC React Codes and a breakdown-breakthrough occurs spontaneously. This may happen when a person is faced with a life-threatening disease, or while going through a dark-night-of-the-soul. It can also happen during a peak experience or samadhi – as described by Edgar Mitchell, founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Conscious Transformation is a chosen experience. The person, with the support of a facilitator, chooses to go into the emotions of the HC React Codes with intensity – with enough “heat” to melt off the Emotional Solder. At some point the person “gets” how they have been “successful” in having the Hardwired Underlying Belief “come true.” Then the person changes the unloving beliefs to more loving beliefs. The result is that the instinctive reaction patterns change. The new reactions are aligned with and support the new belief. The person will start seeing the new belief “coming true.”

Filter System

In the Theory of How Come, the Filter System is the Field of Consciousness that is necessary for us to experience an individual physical reality. It carries the information that shows up in our physical DNA, and it carries the information – the HC React Codes -- that produces our automatic reaction patterns.

Bubonic Plague Survivors:

It has been found that certain people are immune to HIV because their T4 cells carry only one of the two connecting points required for the virus to attach to the cell. These people are descended from Northern Europe “survivors” of the Bubonic Plague, and carry a mutated gene CCR5 called “delta 32.”


Epigenetics research has discovered the link between the emotional and environmental conditions of our ancestors and how it affects our genetic expression today.

See PBS - Nova information and BBC information.

ghost in your genes

The Type C Connection

Lydia Temoshok, Ph.D. was surprised when the melanoma patients she interviewed were reacting to their life-threatening disease in a similar way – all being more concerned about their family than about themselves.

In her book The Type C Connection: The Behavioral Links to Cancer and Your Health.

she and co-author Henry Dreher provide more evidence consistent with Hirsch’s Theory of How Come.

Temoshok’s later work has focused on the power of forgiveness in healing.

Research on Transformation and Healing

Lawrence LeShan’s book Cancer as a Turning Point, summarized his 30 years of research on psychological characteristics of cancer patients. He was emphatic in saying that long term survivors, by and large, were those patients who “transformed their lives.”

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German physician, founded the New Medicine after extensive research and a therapeutic practice dating back to 1979. His theories involve the effect of severe trauma and stress in the onset of cancer. His therapies focused on working with the emotional underpinnings of the trauma. As reported in one of his trials (he was sent to prison and lost his license in Germany for his “heretical” ideas), after 4 to 5 years 6,000 out of 6,500 patients with mostly advanced cancer were still alive.

Bernie Siegel is well known for his book Love, Medicine and Miracles. He states that, as a physician, he would often know, just by talking with a person, which organ their cancer would be in. He is researching what makes the difference between those who survive (Exceptional Cancer Patients) and those who don’t.

love, medicine, and miracles

We are conducting our research to determine if the Signatures indeed provide a reliable predictive capability, and if the Transformation Option – transforming the HC React Codes in a Signature detected in a person – will provide a route to immunity.

Please contact us directly if you are interesting in participating in or supporting this research.

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