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Current Research on HIV/AIDS


Number of Signatures


Additional areas that must be cleared for HIV-positive persons

Intent to Clear the Signatures
Intent to have CD4 count > 800
Intent to have Viral Load at minimum

Current Status of Research

We have found that each HIV-positive person we have encountered has carried one of the two HIV Signatures.

For those interviewed, we found that there is a strong match between their life-experience and the predictions of the HC React Code Signatures.

In November, 2007, we extended the sequence of HC React Codes to be cleared to include those that block Intent to have CD4 count above 800, and Intent to have a low to zero Viral Load.  



Date of Transformation Work


1 – CT


08 May ‘07
14 May ‘07

Life Experience matched with predictions of HC React Codes

Changes in Physical Experience

  • Dropped craving for crystal meth and ended IV use (had been on needles for 3 years, shooting up 4x / day). After 4 months of no crystal, has added occasional use, estimated 1x / week smoking
  • Karposi Sarcoma lesions healed up within 3 months
  • Neuropathy symptoms improved
  • CD4 counts / draw date
    • 340 – 11 Jun 07
    • 365 -  2 Sept 07
    • *125 – 2 Nov 07 (following staph infection and deaths of father and two friends)
    • 0 – 28 Nov 07 (following bacterial infection and high fever from cleaning up raw sewage)

Changes in Emotional Experience

  • Long term feeling of being “an outcast” was transformed;
  • Relationships were re-established with mother and father after 15 years of virtually no contact
  • Became aware for the first time in 15 years that he could imagine living a long life

*Note:  Because the CD4 count went down after September, we investigated further and determined that Intent to have a higher CD4 count and lower viral load must be added to the sequence of Transformation.

2 – MP


18 May 07
23 May 07

Life Experience matched with predictions of HC React Codes in Signature

Changes in Physical Experience

  • No data available

Changes in Emotional Experience

  • Reported on 23 May before 2nd transformation session “I’m different! My heart has opened for the first time in 5 years.”
  • Support of a friend’s business yielded first time “bonus”
  • Has made new friends


3 - JR


25 Nov 07

Life Experience matched with prediction of HC React Codes in Signature

This is the first participant who has processed the full Sequence of HC React Codes.

Changes in Physical Experience

  • No data yet

Changes in Emotional Experience

  • No data yet