Provides new answers to the how come of happenings in our lives

Events and Presentations

Launch of the new e-book True Energy and the Chemistry of Relationship provides groundbreaking new understanding of the connection people feel with each other, and how it affects different roles and relationships. Intuitive readings available.

Presentation to Singapore Power Club, hosted by Sng Tong Hai, on “Using Emotional Rest Stops to Reduce Stress”

01/04/08 - 01/17/08
Follow-up trip to Singapore to record results of Diabetes Trial. Information to be published to website by March 1.

Rochele Hirsch announces return trip to Singapore, to follow up on results of Diabetes Type II Trial and to meet with private clients. Dates in Singapore 6-17 January, 2008.

Rochele Hirsch presents a lunchtime program, Stress Reduction for Real – Emotional Rest Stops, to HIV staff of the Dekalb County Board of Health. Hosted by Jacqueline Lee, HIV Public Health Educator.

Rochele Hirsch presents workshop on Emotional Rest Stops to all-clinic staff at AIDAtlanta, hosted by Tracy Elliott, Executive Director and Jessica Cole, Manager of Joy Bradley Health Services Clinic.

Rochele Hirsch presents information on HC React Code Signatures for Breast Cancer at Kampung Senang, a holistic health center, in Singapore. Hosted by Joyce Lye, co-founder.

8/15/07 – 9/5/07
Rochele Hirsch launches first trial of her theories on HC React Code Signatures for Diabetes Type II in Singapore. Seven Singaporean’s participated from data-gathering through transformation processes. Dr. Joseph Guan, clinical director of the Brain Enhancement Centre provided support for the Trial and for ongoing contact with the participants. Initial results showed high correlation between participants’ experience of life and what the Signatures predicted. Hirsch returns to Singapore in January, 2008 for follow-up on results.

Linda Muir and Rochele Hirsch organize Village Bank fundraising event for AWN members at the home of Drs. Caroline and Andrew Dott. Second $5,000 bank is fully funded. Both banks are administered through TIAW’s selected management group Pro Mujer in Mexico 

Rochele Hirsch begins data gathering and transformation work with Chris Tucker, first client for HIV / AIDS and Crystal Meth. Life experience consistent with what the HC React Code Signatures for HIV-infection predict. Transformation results in Tucker dropping IV-use of Crystal Meth, and Karposi Sarcoma lesions healing up.

Rochele Hirsch presents workshop on Implementation Strategies to Organizational Change Alliance (OCA) in Atlanta. OCA is a professional organization for Organization Development consultants.

Rochele Hirsch presents workshop on Healthy Anger to management staff of Pan Pacific Hotel – Singapore, hosted by General Manager Scott Swank.

2/22 - 24/07
APPPAH International Congress convenes in Los Angeles. Rochele Hirsch, member of the APPPAH Communications Committee chaired by Dr. Thomas Verny, also participates as an exhibitor.

Rochele Hirsch presents Emotions in the Workplace: Healthy Anger to managers at UPS in their Atlanta headquarters, sponsored by the Women’s Leadership Program.

Rochele Hirsch presides over the first Business and Trade Mission for The International Association for Women (TIAW), held at the Hyatt Regency-Atlanta. Speakers for this power-packed day-long event included Jeff Rosensweig (Emory), Terry Blum (GA Tech), Debra Amidon (Entovation Intl), Anna Cablik (Anasteel), Pin Pin Chau (Summit Bank), with support from the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the USEAC and the International Consular Corps. UPS was presenting sponsor.

Introductory meeting held at Interactive Offices-Glenridge about Hirsch’s trial on her HC React Code Signatures for Breast Cancer. First participant signed up. Later work showed consistency between participant’s life experience and what the Signature predicted.

Rochele Hirsch speaks at Southeast Association of Facilitators (SEAF) Annual Conference in Atlanta. Topic is Swimming in Muddy Waters: How to Clear Your Own Intent for Success – and Model It for Your Client

Rochele Hirsch hands over gavel to next President of Atlanta Women’s Network (AWN), Wendy Kinney while remaining on Board as Past President.

Rochele Hirsch speaks on "Color for Energy and Influence: Your Personal Feng Shui Tool" to the Sole Practitioner/Small Firm Section of the Atlanta Bar Association.

Rochele Hirsch provides half-day workshop at Federally Employed Women’s Conference (FEW) in Atlanta. Topic is “Women, Anger and the Workplace.”

Rochele Hirsch and Linda Muir to co-chair first Business & Trade Mission for TIAW Global Partner Forum in Atlanta, November 9, 2006. TIAW (The International Alliance for Women) represents over 35 organizations with 55,000 members in 15 countries.

Rochele Hirsch, President of the Atlanta Women's Network, presides at the AWN 2nd Annual Celebration of International Women's Day at the Atlanta History Center. Marie Wilson of the White House Project was keynote speaker. The inaugural report on The Status of Women in Georgia, prepared by Teresa Joyce, Ph.D. of Kennesaw State and her team, was presented.

Ruth King's book "The Ugly Truth about Small Business" hits #20 on Rochele Hirsch is profiled in Chapter 45.

Advanced Management Institute (AMI) hosts Rochele Hirsch as she presents to their Chief Operating Officers Forum, held in Naples, FL. Topic for the full day workshop is "Ways of Thinking About the Future."

Love, the Noun vs. Love, the Verb is featured in the Singapore newsletter,

Rochele Hirsch Internet-publishes her new e-book, Love, the Noun vs. Love, the Verb through the website  

Rochele Hirsch takes the gavel as 26th President of the Atlanta Women's Network. See During 2004, she was the Chairwoman and Producer of the network's 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Georgia World Congress Center.

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