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Number of Signatures


Additional areas to be cleared

Intent to Clear the Signatures

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Current Status of Research

Obesity has become a major issue in America, more and more linked with various diseases.

When Hirsch began looking into the HC React Codes for Obesity and Overweight, it became apparent that Obesity and Overweight are different conditions.

For Obesity, she found 4 Signatures related to this disease.

For the condition of Overweight, she found that the following must be addressed:

  1. Decode and transform the HC React Codes that are causing the person to be “successful” in being overweight
  2. Clear the person’s Intent to be loving to themselves
  3. Clear the person’s Intent to exercise at least 45 minutes, three times / week

Once the Signature for Obesity is cleared, the person will probably also have to clear the Intent to exercise.

The first participant in trialing the Signatures for Obesity found that her life experience absolutely matched that predicted by the Signature.

Trials of these Signatures are not yet scheduled, though we work with individual clients on both Obesity and Overweight issues.



Date of Transformation Work


1 – LA


20 June 06

Life Experience matched with predictions of HC React Codes – Yes

Changes in Physical Experience

  • Weight has stopped increasing, even during extremely stressful times with family and job

Changes in Emotional Experience

  • Changed experience of office interactions
  • Naturally began to feel more that she did “fit in” and was accepted.
  • Dropped much of the stress related to the closing-down of the business where she worked.