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“I found working with Rochele on my health problems a stimulating and often deeply moving experience. She seems very intuitive and capable of asking just the right questions that lead one into the deeper layers of one's unconscious. I am very grateful for all the help she offered me.”

Thomas R. Verny MD, DPsych,. HDL, FRCPC
Psychiatrist and Author of The Secret Life of the Unborn Child

“Rochele presented the workshop Emotional Rest Stops to our All Staff Meeting. The workshop was very insightful, and the Staff found the information useful and informative. This information can be utilized in day-to-day activities – and it fits with my motto of “pick, choose and refuse.” I agree with Rochele that “we can own our emotions without them owning us.

We can choose to feel good. Just talking to Rochele opens up more options and gives me a lift!"

Jessica Cole Clinic
Manager, Joye Bradley Health Services Clinic

"Sometimes people avoid looking for love for many years ...just to stay away from possible hurt.

Rochele’s deep understanding of how to work WITH emotions in our lives, along with her practical tools that help us more fully understand love and anger, have helped me support my clients in ways that my doctoral training experience never even touched upon. It all translates very effectively into the business world as well.”

Megan Neyer, Ph.D.

Executive Performance Consultant and Olympian

“I have known Rochele for over thirty years. During this time, I have come to understand her belief system and theories, and as I watch her navigate her emotional life, I have learned to manage my own life more functionally. I have learned to identify patterns that are unhealthy, and to do the emotional work necessary to bring about change. Over the years, my issues have differed. Some of the patterns I have tackled and improved are:

• Establishing boundaries in dealing with my children
• Eliminating a tendency to lose weight when under stress
• Dealing with back-stabbing by other women in the workplace
• Attaining advanced degrees while raising a family
• Knowing my heart’s desires, and obtaining them
• Creating a life that is beautiful but not shallow, filled with energy and joy

Sometimes listening to Rochele makes me physically sweat. It does not feel pleasant, to deal with “what isn’t working.” But it is oh-so-worth-it in the long run.”

- Kathy F., EdD
Seattle, WA

"I was pulling down $8,000 / month in my job in the Merchant Marine as an 8-year veteran. Then, during one trip, it felt like my supervisor “turned on me” – because I didn’t agree with his religious views. I kept to myself, and after that trip, I QUIT, knowing I could never go back. I felt rejected, and never wanted to face that situation again!
After nearly 12 months of not working, I got in touch with Rochele. Very quickly she helped me understand what was REALLY going on for me, and how to deal with it. She gave me the tools I needed to resolve that painful ”unloving” experience, and to decipher the “hurting back” that happened between me and the supervisor.
Rochele knew how to get me to the point of being loving to myself – and to others! I’ve now been able to go back to work and be even more successful.”

Rae Gayton
Master Electrician
Seattle, WA

Rochele’s explanation of what was happening in my life made perfect sense. It’s like I could finally see the “perfection” in my problems – and then know what to do about it. Seeing the “big picture” made so much sense.

Meredith Clark
Atlanta GA

Now that I’ve started to see what I’ve been doing over and over again in my life, I can’t believe how I used to blame the other people. Now I don’t get so bothered by things – it’s like there is no more “chain” to be jerked!
I feel like I’m finally free.

Sheila Tiffany
Spottsylvania, VA

I am very grateful for meeting and interacting with Rochele Hirsch. Her constructive teaching is done with a profound gentleness. For all my life, I had been challenged to keep my personal space “neat and tidy” instead of the usual “shipwreck of clutter” that seemed to prevail. With Rochele’s insights and explanation of my Survival Tactics, we were able to delve into some root causes of my behavior. She introduced me to her “HC React Codes” and I began to perceive how I have sabotaged myself for a very long time and in fact had begun this behavior with very early interactions with my father. With her help I discovered a new appreciation for myself, my wife and many of my relationships. What began initially as a desire for more order in my physical space has since expanded into multiple areas of my life. I found that I had acquired many beliefs and debilitating behaviors that were not constructive to my wellbeing. Rochele has been super supportive of accentuating my positive attributes and being more gentle on myself in changing behaviors by adding patience and compassion to my everyday life.

Jonn Morningstaur
Author and Publisher

Dear Rochele,

… thanks to the work you did with me [it] has made a huge change in my life.  The kids are happier and I’m not shouting at everyone now.  I can honestly say you saved my life in more than one way.

My wife has still not made a decision to stay or move on [and] this is causing a degree of underlying anxiety.  She is having trouble living with “New Brian” as he is everything that she ever wanted and now has no reason to leave apart from her own desires and needs. Old Brian would have been easy to leave as he was not nice!  This has been very interesting experience to live through watching someone who has learnt to dislike someone (Me) so much and then finding that they are now not that person anymore.   She still does not fully trust me as the change was so massive and she is not sure if it will continue. 

So in short I’m completely changed as a person [and] use my “chair” as a place of refuge when needed but still have a few bad days but these are getting fewer.  Stopped taking anti depressants against everyone’s advice I hope [my wife] stays and I’m doing the best I can for that.

Love and thanks

Brian Goodfellow
London, UK


I wanted to thank you from the deepest corner of my heart for the work we did yesterday. I have worked with countless individuals and techniques around this exact same issue for 15-20 years --- nothing ever made a detectable difference ... a true shift that I could immediately sense in the energetics of that matrix.

My bronchitis flare immediately calmed down. My coughing is gentle, not painful, and productive…[and major issues with business partners are getting resolved].

A former client who owed us money and was resisting paying for the services rendered last year agreed today to pay us ... not as much as we thought he should, but a significant amount…

You are absolutely amazing. Your service to humanity is huge. I don't know how you came to this work, but it is truly unique. I initially was resistant to Jonn telling me I should work with you because, as I said above, I've done this kind of work over and over and over ad nauseum with people who promise the moon and don't deliver. They get to the same issues, similar time/space points, but never seem to clear anything. Yes, it's only 24 hours later, but I feel a tangible shift around my challenges with [my business partner]. So I want to work with you more.

I love you, and look forward to meeting you in person some day soon somehow.


Marissa M.
Sisters, OR

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