Provides new answers to the how come of happenings in our lives

Pre-Conscious Emotional Imprints set up Ongoing Reactions to Life Events.

HowComeTheoryIn Brief …
    Hirsch’s HC React Code™ is a 3-part system that defines the elements of pre-conscious emotional imprints and how they affect us.

Using this system, she can rapidly decode the issues associated with “How come things are happening to me that I don’t want?”

When the specific HC React Codes are transformed, the issue is more easily resolved, and the person experiences more freedom, energy, empowerment and joy.

Background on Emotional Imprints

In 1924, Otto Rank (1884-1939), a leading disciple and confidant of Freud and the first lay psychoanalyst, broke with Freud with the publication of his two books The Development of Psychoanalysis (Ferenczi & Rank, 1924/1956) and The Trauma of Birth (1924/1952).

Rank opened the door to perinatal psychology, i.e., working with pre-conscious, birth-related trauma, as the cornerstone of an individual’s issues with life. His work launched a succession of awakened thinkers including Rollo May, Carl Rogers, Paul Goodman, Ernest Becker, Matthew Fox, Stanislov Grof, Thomas Verny, Barbara Findeisen, William Emerson, David Chamberlain, Allan N. Schore and a growing body of therapists and researchers in the field of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health and Transpersonal Psychology. (See and  for further information.)

The Theory of How Come

Rochele Hc Hirsch, M.S., has worked since 1987 in developing her Theory of How Come and its system of HC React Codes™ which explain the natural, instinctive reaction patterns in a person’s life.

Her theory extends the work on early emotional imprinting and further integrates concepts of the field of consciousness and the power of intent, our connection with Source Energy, and the effect of stress.

Hirsch’s theory provides a methodology for

  • Explaining how come specific issues are occurring in a person’s life
  • Decoding the HC React Codes that are causing the recurring reaction patterns, and
  • Transforming the HC React Codes so that new reaction patterns are in place.

Using a computer analogy, transformation is like clearing the bugs out of the systems program (which is in the Filter System) so that the applications programs (managed by the conscious mind) can function the way you want them to.

Through such transformation, she and her clients have experienced permanent and positive shifts in reaction patterns and consequent life experience, including issues of addiction.

Change is rapid. Willpower is not required. Medication is not required.

What IS required for conscious transformation? 

  • To set the Intent for Healing
  • To feel old stuck emotion intensely
  • To own one's success in unloving beliefs coming true
  • To change to new, more loving beliefs

Signatures for Disease

In 2006, Hirsch’s Theory was expanded to include the HC React Code Signatures for disease.

She found that certain combinations of HC React Codes provide a Signature for a particular disease, such as breast cancer or diabetes.

The demonstration of this concept with individual clients and through a small trial in Singapore on Diabetes Type II is yielding exciting results.

Hirsch’s hypothesis is that the vibrational pattern of the Signature will set-the-stage for a person to be susceptible to that disease.

Whether or not the person contracts the disease will depend upon the level of stress the person experiences and how much auxiliary life energy the person brings in to compensate for the stress.

Stress is whatever reduces the feeling of Loving-Life-Energy,
 including emotional and environmental causes.

If the person does NOT have the particular Signature, then Hirsch believes that the person will not contract that particular disease.

The Signature can be removed by transforming the HC React Codes that form that Signature. Hirsch’s belief is that such transformation will effectively provide immunity to the disease or condition and support more rapid recovery from an already-manifested disease.

Proof will require many years of research. However, early trials of this theory (including Signatures for Breast Cancer, Diabetes Type II, Obesity, and HIV have demonstrated profound consistency between life patterns predicted by the Signature and the actual life experience of the person with the disease. After transformation, each person began to experience noticeable and positive shifts in their reaction patterns to life.

Dramatic success has also been attained with one person dropping his craving for crystal meth, thus clearing his 7-year addiction.

The process Hirsch uses to identify and decode these Signatures involves her intuitive connection to the unconscious and the person’s field of consciousness ("Field System"). She is able to "read" a person for whether or not they carry a Signature of the disease or condition.

She is developing training to support others in being able to decode the issues. Initial trials look promising.

Further work is underway to develop additional methods for detecting and transforming the Signatures.

A New Understanding of Cause & Effect

HC React Codes™
The Structure

Hirsch’s 3-part system reveals the root causes of reaction patterns due to pre-conscious emotional imprints              

These HC React Codes are in a person’s field of consciousness, which she calls the Filter System. They are not part of the conscious mind. The conscious mind will see evidence of the codes ... but the conscious mind can only attempt to cope with the instinctual reactions caused by the HC React Codes.

The three HC React Code™ elements are:

  1. Emotional Solder (ES) – Emotion that got stuck and didn’t move at a pre-conscious time. It holds the system in place.
  2. Survival Tactic (ST) - the automatic reaction designed to avoid the feeling of the stuck emotion ... emotion that was too dangerous to express when it occurred. Substance addictions are one way to run the ST.
  3. Hardwired Underlying Belief (HUB) -- the underlying personal truth that guides the automatic and recurring emotional experiences in a person's life.

These HC React Codes operate much like an algorithm in Fractal Mathematics that creates recurring computer graphics patterns (associated with Chaos Theory).

To change the pattern, 
the person must change the algorithm,  i.e., transform the HC React Code.

Hirsch’s education and her work in the corporate world were instrumental in developing this systems-based model of How Come.

Her background in physics and industrial engineering reinforced her root-cause-analysis approach to understanding the experiences we have. Experience as a systems analyst, an applications programmer and as a data communications specialist provided understanding in the elements of computers, and the difference between systems programs and applications programs.

Her 25 years as a corporate consultant in organization performance, communication systems and leadership development provided fertile territory for researching and testing the concepts that produced her Theory of How Come.

For a full explanation of Hirsch’s Theory of How Come, you can download the PDF File. Click Here


Hirsch’s Theory of How Come would also explain the phenomena of spontaneous remission, the placebo effect, the transformative potential of being faced with death and experiencing “dark nights of the soul,” the value of alternative therapies (that remove the stress of toxins, add nutrition and improve the flow of life energy), and the value of increased personal attention that feels “caring” to the patient.

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