Provides new answers to the how come of happenings in our lives

Workshops and Talks

For the Corporate Environment

Rochele Hirsch has over 25 years of Fortune 500-level consulting experience in organization effectiveness, strategy, business development and implementation.

She understands the needs and constraints of the corporate environment, and also recognizes the potential for gaining bottom-line value through stress-reduction programs.

Workshops and Talks have been designed to give leading edge information on stress, the use of emotions for health, and innovative methods for defusing stress-producing situations. Participants take away tools they can use in their daily lives at both work and home.

Along with the Workshops, Hirsch provides consulting support for developing the corporate infrastructure to support improvement in both health and productivity.

Hirsch works with you and your team to:

  1. Define the needs of your organization related to stress and health;
  2. Develop plans for including Emotional Rest Stops in your organization’s norms
  3. Ensure feedback systems are in place to promote continued value

Workshops can be provided in ½ day, full day and 2-day formats

Talks can range from 30 to 90 minutes, including Q & A.

Topics include:

  • Emotional Rest Stops:

            Drop the Stress and Increase Success

  • Healthy Anger:

            Paving the Path to Healthy Resolution

  • Women, Anger and the Workplace:

            New Ways to Manage Emotional Energy

  • The Theory of How Come:

How to Implement the Transformation Option for Greater Profitability


Please contact us at 1-800-467-0467 or by e-mail to set a time for discussing your interests.

Also see for more information on consulting services.

Did You Know?

"The CDC estimates that 75-90% of doctor visits are due to stress."

What Others Say

"Rochele Hirsch's ideas about healthy anger are informative and inspiring. Her workshops are a great way of learning an enlightened approach to one of our biggest emotional challenges."

Alan Deutschman
Executive Director of Unboundary
Former Senior Writer, Fast Company Magazine, Author of Change or Die and The Second Coming of Steve Jobs.